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Thursday afternoon, 20 July, 2017


Hello, members of the new Cardinal Chorale!


For those of you who were on the summer tour:  CDs of our Roscoe concert will be available for $15 by the end of the Workshop.  We’ll announce when they’re ready!


The staff will be heading to Muskingum early tomorrow morning, but calls to our phone will be forwarded to Erin’s cell.  Call if you have questions: 740/623-0554


I was leafing through the Chorale Handbook and thought I’d send you three paragraphs from “Setting the Example” – since you won’t see it until you’re at the Workshop!


At the Chorale’s Music Workshop at Muskingum:


Arrive on time!  Please do not cause extra work tracking you down while we are still checking in other singers.  Living closer to the venue does not mean you may arrive later.  Instead, aim to be there a little early and see what you can do to help!


Arrive looking the part.  Both new and returning members from the Workshop will be watching you as an example from the moment you arrive.  Even if you arrive in casual clothes, remember to look “All-American.”  Jewelry should be small and tasteful, and hair should be a natural color.  Gentlemen are expected to be clean-shaven.


Take care of your voice!  Refrain from loud talking, over singing, yelling, and anything that might potentially damage your voice.


Pack, listen to our songs on the members’ portal on the Chorale website ( or on the CD we sent you, get some sleep, and we’ll see you on Saturday between 12 noon – 12:30.  Safe travels!


Mr. Snyder

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