Revisiting Chorale Workshop thoughts from 8/4/17

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From: “Charles R. Snyder” <>
Subject: Revisiting Chorale Workshop thoughts from 8/4/17
Date: April 5, 2018 at 3:19:33 PM EDT
To: ‘David Turrill’ <>, ‘Zebulon Highben’ <>

Good afternoon, David and Zeb!
The Chorale staff is meeting on Saturday to work on plans for the Chorale’s June tour and for our July Workshop at Muskingum.  Preparing for that has reminded me about the email I sent in early August.
I’m resending my response to Zeb’s email, along with a few notes (in red) from Erin’s recent conversation with Crystal.  While we certainly don’t need to discuss these issues before Saturday’s meeting, I think it would be good to address the burps before the end of the semester if that’s possible.
Here are thoughts in response to Zeb’s email: 
Speaking of the Workshop: If you haven’t already done so, could you put your concerns/issues with last week’s facilities/organization (the items you mentioned to me Saturday afternoon) in writing, and send them to David and me?  That will help us address them for next summer and future years.
We felt represented and cared for by you, and by your amazing Teresa!
Have a good weekend!

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