For Prospective Singers                            
   The Cardinal Chorale Workshop is a week-long experience designed to allow highly motivated singers who have completed ninth grade through their first year of college to develop their bodies, minds, spirits, and voices.  Throughout the week, singers will participate in rehearsals, electives, and enjoy evening concerts.  The Workshop also prepares the Cardinal Chorale members for concerts throughout the year in November, December, February, and June.                         

What is the Cardinal Chorale?
What is a day at the Workshop like?
What will I need to bring?
What will my rooming situation be?
Who will teach me?
What is the year-round commitment?



What Singers Are Saying:

“This past week at the Cardinal Chorale Music Workshop has been wonderful.  I am so happy to have spent this time with old friends, to have met several new members of the choir family, and to be a part of it with them.  The music and friendships we make together are incredible and I can’t wait to be with everyone again!  I’m going to miss the time we spent together learning new songs in rehearsals, making new friends at meals, and even the treks up and down Muskingum University’s many hills!”  – Maggie Myers

“This past week has been amazing at the Cardinal Chorale Music Workshop.  It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.  It’s such a close group and it is an honor to be in it.  I’ve met some truly amazing people, heard some touching stories, and sang until I couldn’t anymore.  I can’t wait until next year.”  – Shawn Warren