Letter from a Parent

July, 2014

Dear Friends,

Encore! Honors Choir is an exciting new music experience for teens in Ohio and I am thrilled that my daughter will be participating this August.  Charles R. Snyder has been a beloved choir director of numerous choirs in Coshocton and around the state.  He has had and continues to have such a positive influence on young peoples’ lives— musically, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.

If you are like me and grew up experiencing quality choirs and other music programs in high school, you know how important those enriching programs are to young people.  Unfortunately, many of these very programs are dwindling in our current schools due to budget cuts.   That is why life-inspiring programs for our youth like Encore!  Honors Choir are so important to encourage.

You can help do that by supporting the financial needs of this program.  Contributions of any amount are certainly welcome, but here are just a few suggestions.  You can donate dollars toward scholarships to assist a student to attend the summer camp ranging from $50 to $295. Help purchase program and office supplies ranging from $50 for postage to $350 for the lanyards and name badges for all the singers. The Choir needs music stands and piano keyboards for rehearsals. Or you can make general financial contributions toward the program.  For a list of ideas from the Encore! Wish List or for more information about the Choir, visit their website at www.encorehonorschoir.com or contact Erin Jobes at (740) 623-0554.

I am excited to see the potential realized for this new Choir as it grows and evolves and I look forward to seeing many of you at their future concerts and events.


Jan Myers