Together Wherever We Go

The final day of workshop is simultaneously the best and the worst day of the week. On one hand, we finally get to showcase the results of all the hard work we have put in during our short time together, but on the other hand, it means we have to say a painful “see ‘ya later” to some of our… Read more →

Sixteen Tons of Rehearsing

We are officially past the halfway point of our time together on Muskingum’s beautiful campus, and our hard work is really beginning to pay off! The classic sound of the Cardinal Chorale rings through the air as we start to work on the technical details in the music, moving beyond the realm of just singing the notes on the page.… Read more →

On Our Way!

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind here at the 26th Chorale workshop. It’s hard to believe that we are now officially halfway through the workshop! We start with sectional rehearsal in the morning and then come together for a full rehearsal afterward. It is always such a treat to become one choir after sectionals and seeing what… Read more →

Music in the Air (Finally!)

At last, the first full day of the 2021 Cardinal Chorale Workshop has arrived! Eager to begin the Sunday, some members of the group woke up a little extra early to partake in one of the Morning Mindset activities put on by the staff — running with Josh Senn, devotions with Erin Jobes, or disk golf with Steve Snyder. While… Read more →

Let There Be Music!

After 546 days of not seeing one another, the Cardinal Chorale has reunited once again at the beautiful campus of Muskingum University for our one week long workshop. The last time chorale members sang together was at the reunion weekend concert on January 19, 2020… yes, a year and a half ago! To say chorale members are joyous to be… Read more →

A Chorale Christmas

Yesterday morning, the 25th edition of the Cardinal Chorale gathered at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Pickerington, Ohio for the annual Post-Christmas Concert. This was the first time many of the Chorale members have seen each other since the big Anniversary Weekend in early October, so of course the room was filled with sporadic hugs and smiles before we got to… Read more →

There Was a Homecomin’

On Saturday morning, both the 24th and 25th editions of the Cardinal Chorale got to meet again for rehersals in Walter Hall. Typically after workshop, the Chorale does not meet again until our post Christmas concert, however, this is a big year for the Chorale. Not only did the 24th and 25th editions get to meet up once more, but… Read more →

Homeward Bound

It is sad to say, but today was the last day of this year’s Cardinal Chorale Workshop. However, that fact did not change the buoyant manner of our singers. We had our final breakfasts with our opera, which meant the final opus cheers, and final opus challenges. This bright and good morning was just what we needed before starting the… Read more →