Daily Schedule

The staff of the Cardinal Chorale want to help singers not only to work hard, but to play hard and to enjoy a variety of fun experiences!
Here is an example schedule so you can get an idea of what a day with us is like.

7:00                    Wake up to the Morning Show, optional morning run begins

8:00                    Breakfast

8:45                    Inspection checking for made beds, neat living space, etc.

8:55                    Opus Huddles (meeting in small groups with two staff members to check in)

9:00                    Sectional rehearsals

11:00                  Workshops (as chosen upon acceptance to choir, all week)

12:00                  Lunch

2:00                    Part rehearsals

4:00                    Full rehearsal

5:00                    Dinner

6:00                    Full rehearsal

8:00                    Evening program (concerts, activities, or other presentations for singers to enjoy)

10:00                  In dorms (get ready for bed)

10:30                  Lights out!