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Tour Day 5: Beautiful Mush

Written by: Elle Mitsch Our morning yesterday started off with an amazing breakfast hosted by the Lutheran Church, Chorale members and hosts had the option to go the breakfast or enjoy breakfast at their home stays. The breakfast provided was a beautiful array of fruits as well as breakfast burritos.¬† We then embarked for our next stop for the day:… Read more →

Tour Day 4: Ann, Your Ringer Is On!

Written by: Drew Thomas The Cardinal Chorale had a busy day yesterday as we hit the half way point of our tour. We started off our day by having some amazing¬† breakfast with our host families! The Chorale then met back up at the church and had another breakfast waiting for us that was made by the church. Then we… Read more →

Tour Day 3: It Takes Two To Reach Out

Written by: Emily Maple It was another bright and early day for the Chorale on Monday! After going to Marion, we were off to Dayton (we know… usually you go from dating to marrying…it’s complicated) but, we had to make a few stops first! The Chorale had the opportunity to perform for a very special audience that morning. We were… Read more →

Tour Day 2: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Written by: Elle Mitsch The Chorale woke up bright and early in Bowling Green yesterday to make our way to First Lutheran Church in Findlay. This is the home church of our coach driver, Rick! We joined the congregation in their service and sang an array of wonderful songs ranging from “Shout to God” to “Song of Farewell.” After the… Read more →

Tour Day 1: Serve!

Written by: Drew Thomas The Cardinal Chorale had another exciting day as we began our journey on the road. Our first stop for the trip was Bowling Green. This is the home of three chorale members, Drew and Aidan Thomas, and Elle Mitsch!¬† The day started off with all the members arriving early in the morning at the Coshocton Presbyterian… Read more →

Tour Day 0: As We Travel On

Written by: Emily Maple The Cardinal Chorale had an exciting day of rehearsal for our upcoming tour yesterday! It has been quite a while since we have gotten together… 110 days to be exact. Many hugs and warm welcomes were shared in the Coshocton Presbyterian Church.  We dived right into our first full group rehearsal to start our morning. The… Read more →