These educators, parents, and friends have great things to say about The Cardinal Chorale!

What I read on your website makes even me want to apply. Do you think an 81-year-old tenor would be acceptable? You get to stay young, because you’re dealing with the souls of teenagers. When you mold them into a singing unit, they will always remember how a fine chorus should sound. When you studied with Ellis Snyder, he gave you far more than choral technique; he shared with you his wonderful spirit. You are paying it forward. May God bless you for that.

– Dr. Wallace E. DePue, professor emeritus of music
Bowling Green State University

When I was in high school, I never thought l I would become so emotionally attached to a group like this. Even in college it’s not really the same community.  I am a better person because of groups like this one and Mr. Snyder’s leadership.

– Emma Brems, former student

I would highly recommend this summer camp for singers. Emily [my daughter] and I know most of these staff members personally through her participation in choirs under their leadership between 2007-2010. Their guidance and skills, both professionally and personally, are absolutely top notch. The fee is a bargain for what will most likely be an experience to be remembered a lifetime.

– Marsha Rader, parent and supporter

What a wonderful opportunity to sing together in a safe and nurturing setting! As usual, Mr. Snyder and his experienced staff will help students develop their confidence and choral music skills, while learning more about self-discipline and team work… and while having tons of fun!

– Joyce Stonebraker, retired choral director
Westerville North High School

This past week at the Cardinal Chorale Music Workshop has been wonderful.  I am so happy to have spent this time with old friends, to have met several new members of the choir family, and to be a part of it with them. The music and friendships we make together are incredible and I can’t wait to be with everyone again! I’m going to miss the time we spent together learning new songs in rehearsals, making new friends at meals, and even the treks up and down Muskingum University’s many hills!

– Maggie Myers, Chorale Alumna

Charles R. Snyder was a student of mine in the Conservatory of Music at Capital University, and I have followed his choral achievements with The Cardinal Chorale, the Coshocton Community Choir, and the All-Ohio Youth Choir for many years. Besides his fine work with adult choirs, his choral work in Ohio has left a lasting love of singing with thousands of young people. I highly recommend this Honors Choir to our music colleagues for their students.

– Professor Richard C. Johnston

This past week has been amazing at the Cardinal Chorale Music Workshop.  It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.  It’s such a close group and it is an honor to be in it.  I’ve met some truly amazing people, heard some touching stories, and sang until I couldn’t anymore.  I can’t wait until next year.

– Shawn Warren, Chorale Alumnus

Charles R. Snyder is an inspirational Ohio music educator and an important part of thousands of young people’s lives. When I sent a young man from my choirs to the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir for a summer in the mid-90s, I had no way of knowing how important that experience would be. The young man came back from his summer with Chuck, and talked about the wonderful music, the many friends, the hot summer days, but most of all about his new friend – Chuck Snyder. EVERY OTHER STUDENT I recommended and who participated in Chuck’s choirs returned with the same love and gratitude for a rich experience. Chuck is an amazing friend and talented musician, with a gift for putting together programs filled with choral music literature from A to Z. He draws out the best of each singer and they commit to his work ethic because they believe in him and his values. Chuck teaches and directs the musicians but more than that, he loves and inspires the young people. Whether or not they become professional singers, they have experienced gifts to make them lifetime musicians. Chuck treats each choir member with respect, dignity, and unconditional Christian love. I am proud to know him and recommend his new endeavor.

– June Hill, retired choral director of 31 years
Oak Hills Local and Cincinnati Public Schools
Music Director, Oak Hills Presbyterian Church