How it works

Select from 750+ popular brands, with options for eGift cards (available immediately), physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. No extra money spent. No wasted value.
For every gift card purchased, you receive earnings up to 20%. The earnings come from the gift card brand you are purchasing—their way of supporting organizations and communities like yours.
All earnings sent directly to the Cardinal Chorale and used for Scholarships. Earn for the general scholarship fund, or fund-raise for a specific member’s financial aid package

Individual Member Fundraising

Accepted members may sell gift cards to help fund raise for their individual tuition. When signing up for an account, be sure to enter your information, along with the name of who, in the form of a scholarship, you would like your rebate amount to be sent to and it will be credited to their account.

Physical Card Orders

You can also order physical gift cards cards via the RaiseRight App or by printing off and mailing an order form and check to the chorale. If you choose “Pay Coordinator Directly” in the app, be sure to send a check to the Chorale in order for your order to be processed. Throughout the year, we will make several physical gift card orders, and they will be fulfilled at the following dates:

Orders DuePick up CardsLocation
12/14/202312/28/2023Merch Table @ Pickerington Post-Christmas Concert
TBD – Feburary 2024TBD – Feburary 2024Merch Table @ February Reunion Concert
TBD – June 2024TBD – June 2024Merch Table @ Final Tour Concert
TBD – July 2024TBD – July 2024Singer check in @ Muskingum University

If you have any questions, please email thecardinalchorale@gmail.com