Music Educators

I have known Charles R. Snyder for over 20 years.  He is the consummate music professional.  I was so excited when I heard that he was offering a music camp to high school students.  I would encourage choral directors to support this camp.  Mr. Snyder is a caring individual who provides excellent vocal training and even more, he provides life skills.   I have had many students over my 40-year career, including my own daughter, participate in groups that he has directed.  All of my students came away from the experience improved musicians and simply better people.  What Mr. Snyder will give your students is more than just a musical experience; he will give them good direction on living a joyous life and enjoying music as a wonderful art form.  I highly recommend the Cardinal Chorale Workshop.   You will not be disappointed

– John S. Long, retired choral director, Pickerington High School Central

Why you should recommend singers for the Cardinal Chorale:

  • Your students will return to your program with more energy and enthusiasm for singing.
  • They will sing a high-caliber repertoire.
  • They will learn from a highly qualified staff in rehearsals and elective sessions covering a variety of topics from music theory to the International Phonetic Alphabet to yoga.
  • We prioritize vocal wellness and healthy singing.  See the vocal care sheet we’ve created for Chorale members here.