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That’s All for Now, Folks

After what felt like both a lifetime and one of the shortest weeks ever, the final day of Chorale Workshop has arrived. Singers headed to breakfast with our Opera for one last Opus Huddle. After going over the schedule for the day, we headed to one more rehearsal in Walter Hall. From there we migrated over to Caldwell Hall to… Read more →

A Friend in the Road

Oh, what a beautiful morning the 23rd Edition of the Cardinal Chorale experienced! We awoke bright and early for our final full-length day of Workshop. At breakfast, like every other morning, each Opus was assigned an “Opus Challenge,” in which each member is assigned a specific task for the day. Sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they are serious. Opus… Read more →

Sing to God

Members started off the day by going running, doing yoga, sharing devotions, or simply getting extra rest. Our breakfast this morning was very special – birthday cake pancakes! After eating our delicious breakfast with our opera, we headed off for and started sectional rehearsals. It was easy to hear several of the pieces have come a long way already. During… Read more →

The Nerdiness of You

Singers woke up this morning with a great attitude, ready to take on the day. Breakfast with our opera were delightful and a great way to energize for the day. We also had Nerd Shirt day today and singers enjoyed seeing each other’s nerd attire. Clothing ranged anywhere from Harry Potter shirts to Superman socks with their own capes. Seeing… Read more →

On the Fourth Day of Workshop…

On the fourth day of Workshop, the staff sang to us, four Christmas carols! Today, July 25th, is “Christmas in July.” To get to our breakfast tables, members of the Cardinal Chorale had to walk through a tunnel of staff members singing carols such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” and “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Staff… Read more →

Ease On Down the Hills

Awake, awake! The Chorale arose early yet again to eat breakfast with their Opera. Many discussed their favorite moments from the day before; a popular favorite was the 22nd Chorale’s concert. We then made our way to Walter Hall to begin our day of rehearsal with a quick warm-up with the full group. Both facial and vocal warm-ups are important… Read more →

As We Are Walking in the Rain

Chorale members woke up bright and early this morning to prepare for our first performance at College Drive Presbyterian Church. Our first breakfast with our Opera was fun. Many Opera received their first daily challenge. Towards the beginning of the week, these usually include something along the lines of getting to know someone new. After a wonderful meal provided by… Read more →

Give Us Hope!

Finally, the 23rd Edition of the Cardinal Chorale gathered for our first day together! This morning, returning and new members met on the campus of Muskingum University to share our love for music. Smiles, waves, and most importantly, hugs, were exchanged between all whom had not seen each other for months or had just met. Thirty-four returning members, seventeen newly-minted… Read more →

Chorale Staff Move-In

Yesterday, the Chorale Staff met at Muskingum University to begin moving in and setting up for the Chorale workshop.  After moving in our personal belongings the day was full of meetings and last minute preparations.  For the evening dinner we ate at Adornetto’s – yummy!  The chorale staff are very excited for the singers to move in today! Read more →

Workshop Concert Series

2017 Music Workshop Concert Series   Sunday, July 23 @ 7:00 PM: The Cardinal Chorale, 22nd Edition Tour finale concert, “Seize the Day” Monday, July 24 @ 8:00 PM: An Evening With Len Thomas Tuesday, July 25 @ 8:00 PM: Music Theatre Showcase “When I Grow Up” Featuring: Matt Downing, Haley Evans, Peter Hampton, Erin Jobes, and Jen Sper Thursday,… Read more →