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August 5, 2014- Day 2

“Body, mind, spirit, voice, it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice!”- Helen Kemp We launched into a day with a bursting schedule, packed full of enriching events for the whole person. Highlights of the day included the morning workshops- the melodious ring of handbells echoed through the building as the handbell ensemble began. Erin Jobes, Director of Christian… Read more →

Our Choral Assistants!

Congratulations to our Choral Assistants! L-R: Joey McClain, Kameron Wise, Ben Howard, Lea Sewell, Jake Widdowson, Lilly Douds, Casey Hull, Connie Frankenstein. A choral assistant is a leader within his or her section and strives to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of our rehearsal time. With a pitch pipe in pocket, always at the ready, our Choral Assistants set… Read more →

Our Dorm Assistants!

L-R: Natalie Oehlers, Madison Speicher, Josh Hilgenberg, Ryan Kemper. Dorms assistants aid the staff and singers in ensuring a safe and clean dormitory experience for all. A dorm assistant always has his or her ready to keep Encore on schedule! Read more →

August 4, 2014 – Day 1

Welcome to the Encore adventure! Singers arrived yesterday evening for a week at the Hallowed Hills campground – a week to build musicianship, to promote wellness, and to nurture the spirit. The first rehearsal served to introduce our staff which includes many experienced educators.  The total years of camp experience for the entire staff adds to more than three centuries!… Read more →