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August 9, 2014- Day 6

Both the choir and the ensembles are ready for the concert on Sunday! There is music ringing all around these Hallowed Hills. Today was the final day for our workshops and electives. Anne Leppla, a retired science teacher from Coshocton High School, declared her College 101 students “graduates.” Matt McTeague, who will begin for his master’s degree in choral conducting at… Read more →

August 8, 2014- Day 5

It’s difficult to believe that it’s already Friday- today was our last day of recreation with Darrell, but that didn’t prevent us from savouring the company of our friends. As Darrell challenged us to act like a lizard or give our best impression of bacon frying, we laughed and worked together. Our workshops and electives are finishing up, but that… Read more →

August 7, 2014 -Day 4!

Thursday was a cheerful and busy day at Encore! Our music is coming together and we are engrossed in our workshops and electives. Thursday held quite a few surprises for us and we’ll have quite a few surprises for the concert on Sunday! It was a beautiful day to be outside and we made the most of it, with outside… Read more →

August 6, 2014- Day 3

Through sectional, part, and full rehearsals, the Encore experience is delving into music, while the workshops and electives explore the foundations of the music, through classes such as music theory and conducting.   Darrell, Chief of Fun, got us moving with an afternoon of square-dancing. We enjoyed a surprise visit from composers John Carter and Mary Kay Beall, composers of… Read more →

Choristers of the Day! -August 5, 2014

Choristers of the Day are chosen by the Choral Assitants of their respective section for their musicianship, positive attitude, hard work, and servant leadership. A Chorister of the Day is a “sparkplug” for his or her section and the choir as a whole. Congratulations, Choristers of the Day! L-R: Shawn Warren, Tori Radcliffe, Kaylee Schoepe, Ethan Lynch. Read more →