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2015.6.21.choiraletour.2A rainy day tends to put a damper on most anyone’s mood, but not today. Today is the day the Cardinal Chorale starts its 2015 tour. After months, we are together again, with only a few faces missing. We waste no time catching up with one another, and it seems as though we have only been apart for a few days instead of several months. When the time comes to sing we gather in the Fellowship Hall of the church as we have so many times before and suddenly all of the months apart begin to melt away. We transform from individuals to one ensemble, with one voice, united in one song. We can feel the change as we sing and that is when we know that the Cardinal Chorale has returned.

2015.6.21.choiraletour.30When the day came to an end after rehearsing nearly sixty songs, the Chorale took a break to reflect on the day and the moments to come. This 20th Edition of the Cardinal Chorale is made up of singers with different Chorale backgrounds so we all came together knowing different songs of the repertoire, however, even after one day of music making we were still able to experience those “wow” moments that we all know and love. Although we have a long way to go, we felt accomplished in the work that we did and we left that night with spirits high anticipating an amazing tour.

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