Ease On Down the Hills

Awake, awake! The Chorale arose early yet again to eat breakfast with their Opera. Many discussed their favorite moments from the day before; a popular favorite was the 22nd Chorale’s concert. We then made our way to Walter Hall to begin our day of rehearsal with a quick warm-up with the full group. Both facial and vocal warm-ups are important for singing well, so we were sure to make some silly faces.  In sectional rehearsals, Beth Vaughn told the ladies about what she calls “choral vegetables.” She says these are songs that may be more traditional and ones we may not particularly enjoy, but they are still important and we may end up liking them!


After a couple hours of rehearsing, we set off for lunch and then to our electives. The crafting group made makeshift speakers for their cell phones out of plastic cups and toilet paper rolls. Other groups learned about spirituals, the enneagram, and even how to line dance! After a lot of laughter and plenty of learning in each elective, we split up into our separate part rehearsals. We learned that sometimes it’s hard to keep on track when there is a lot of new music to learn in a short amount of time, but we were able to make it work out.

We came together then in mid-afternoon for our first full rehearsal of the day. When all four parts are singing together, it is very interesting to hear how the songs are starting to come together. Between songs, the staff reminded us of the importance of facial expression and posture, even while just in a rehearsal. Soon enough, it was time to eat dinner. Tonight, we sat with other people who share our birth month. Many, stories were shared and countess laughs were had.


Following an eventful supper, Chorale members headed back to the music building for another full rehearsal for a couple of hours. Though, many of us could hardly contain our excitement for the evening’s performance by none other than Len Thomas, with special guest Don Kason on the trumpet. Tonight, Len was able to share with us his musical talent, various letters and stories from his life, and all-around inspiring and God-like spirit. Needless today, the concert was enjoyed by all and we didn’t want it to end.


In the Chorale circle after the performance, members shared favorite moments of the day and the performance. The staff also gave us a confidence-booster by making the point that we are already doing a great job with what we have rehearsed so far, even though it is only day three!

Back in our residence halls, we then prepared for bed. But not before gathering with snacks and stories to share in our rooms with our friends, both new and old. We’ve said our goodnights, and now we rest up for what is to come tomorrow.

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