The Cardinal Chorale Post Christmas Concert

2015.12.29.pickerington-concert2 It was another cloudy when the members of the Cardinal Chorale gathered in Pickerington. After about four months apart we were all very glad to see each other again. After unloading our uniforms, filling up our water bottles, and organizing our music, we set out trying to accomplish the impossible and prepare for the concert.


We took a bit of time to remember what it was like to sing together as a group, but after a while of rehearsing the Cardinal Chorale sound began to emerge. These moments inspired all of us to keep working and only heightened our excitement for the concert.


We stopped rehearsing for a bit to get a snack, and we used that break to catch up with each other. Some people had just finished their first semester of college and were excited to talk about it. After the snack we returned to rehearsal and worked hard to bring out more of the signature Chorale sound.


We continued to improve as we rehearsed and began to worry as time until the concert slowly slipped away. We finished rehearsal with a little doubt, but lots of excitement. We headed to dinner and returned to socializing.

For dinner, the Brems prepared a wonderful meal of salad and Lasagna.  After singing our cooks our signature “Thank You Very Much”,  we began dressing for the concert.  As the call time came, we rehearsed one more sang and processed into the sanctuary.

The sanctuary had a sizable audience, and it was great to see so many alums present.  We started off a little shakey, but got back to our regular Chorale sound in no time.  During several of our songs, we also invited our alums up to sing with us.

Overall, the concert was a great event that allowed us to all reunite for the holiday season, and enjoy each other through the gift of music.