A Carousel Day!

2016.06.22-cctour2016-08We awoke in our houses the next morning to see the sun rising over Lake Erie. After breakfast provided by our host families, we met back at Lakewood Congregational Church to gather in our friendship circle. Outside in the light lake breeze, we told stories of our home stays, thanked our venue host, Peter, and  encouraged each other to continue putting our best work into our music.

2016.06.22-cctour2016-06Singers and staff boarded the coach and made our way to Polaris Fashion Place for lunch. When we were midway to our destination, the Chorale staff announced a restroom break in Mansfield… but they lied! Suddenly, we saw the Richland Carrousel..A carousel! The staff surprised us with a trip to ride a carousel. Everyone was so happy to get to act like a little kid again! We took pictures and selfies of each other as we rode ostriches, horses, monkeys, and more.
Matt and Mr. Snyder found out the carousel operator was a second bass in a traveling church choir, so of course we had to sing him a few songs. He and the gift shop staff enjoyed “Thank you Very Much,” “Heart and Soul,” and “This is My Father’s World.” One of them proclaimed, “this makes my job worth it!”

2016.06.22-cctour2016-05The Chorale headed to the Polaris Mall to eat lunch and do some shopping in their well-deserved down time. A large majority of the group enjoyed Chick-Fil-A as their lunch, even “borrowing” some straws in order to shoot the wrappers at Charles R. Snyder as part of a long running joke. After these shenanigans, the group split up to explore the mall and do some shopping. Some of shops that the members went to were Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, among many others. A few of the Chorale members shamelessly advertised the concert that night on the electronics at the Apple Store, pulling up their website with the tour date information on it and proceeding to play excerpts of the repertoire.

2016.06.22-cctour2016-03After everyone enjoyed their time traversing the mall, everyone clambered back aboard the coach and headed toward Pickerington for their concert at Epiphany Lutheran Church. The Chorale got to practice before dinner, and welcomed guest conductors, Dr. Zebulon Highben and Beth Vaughn. Beth, a Chorale alumna, is the associate conductor of the Chorale.  Dr. Highben is the choral director at Muskingum University where the summer Cardinal Chorale camp is hosted.

After an intense rehearsal, everyone gathered for a delicious meal including lasagna, chicken and also cupcakes and cheesecake!

After dinner everyone got dressed in their uniforms and prepared themselves for a fantastic concert! The Chorale performed fabulously under the direction of Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Vaughn, and Dr. Highben. After the concert the Chorale greeted the audience and shamelessly recruited the eligible for the Chorale Workshop and even had some audition!
Finally, the Chorale met their host families and headed to their respective homes for a night of rest and rejuvenation.