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Some Final Thoughts

“As I reflect on my thoughts of this past week, I find myself smiling. I want to thank my friends for making my first tour with the Cardinal Chorale so memorable. I’m ecstatic that I am a part of this family and I feel so much love for you all. Can’t wait for the next! ‪#‎cctour2016‬“ -Chorale Member Throughout the… Read more →

A Song of Farewell – Final Day

The Chorale members woke up feeling a little bittersweet about their final day on tour. It would be difficult to say goodbye to all the friends who had become like family, but also everyone felt the exhaustion of a well-spent week weighing on them. Nevertheless, everyone got up and ready and had breakfast with their host families before returning to the… Read more →

A Carousel Day!

We awoke in our houses the next morning to see the sun rising over Lake Erie. After breakfast provided by our host families, we met back at Lakewood Congregational Church to gather in our friendship circle. Outside in the light lake breeze, we told stories of our home stays, thanked our venue host, Peter, and  encouraged each other to continue… Read more →

On Our Way – To Lakewood!

Not only did the Prospect volunteers make us dinner last night, they also made us breakfast in the morning! The meal was complete with eggs, french toast, sausage, and fruit. We then gathered in our usual morning circle to talk about yesterday and the upcoming day. Some of us explained, with examples, how amazing it is that the Cardinal Chorale’s… Read more →

Standing on a Grave

As the Chorale members woke up in the morning, they felt tired but excited for a brand new day. They got ready at their host homes and headed back to the church so that the Chorale could once again gather and share stories of the previous night’s wonderful concert. Stories were shared of lovely encounters with the audience after the… Read more →

This Is My Father’s Day

The Chorale woke up in the morning at their host family’s homes, ate breakfast, and headed back to the church to gather for a morning meeting to share touching moments from the previous night’s concert. Almost everyone had a story to tell, and all of them were heart warming…until one Chorale member injured herself while being too emphatic about her… Read more →

The Honor and Glory of our First Concert

When we woke up in the morning, our host families provided us with breakfast. Then, we went back to the church for some more rehearsal before we left for our evening concert. We were able to go over everything we needed, and felt fairly confident about our repertoire. After all of that rehearsing, we worked up an appetite and had… Read more →

2016 Cardinal Chorale Tour Schedule

SATURDAY, JUNE 18 First Presbyterian Church 65 North Third Street Newark, OH 43055 Concert: 7:30 p.m.  TUESDAY, JUNE 21 Lakewood Congregational Church 1375 West Clifton Boulevard Lakewood, OH 44107 Concert: 7:30 p.m. SUNDAY, JUNE 19 Amlin United Methodist Church 5441 Cosgray Road Dublin, OH 43016 Worship: 11:00 a.m. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 Epiphany Lutheran Church 268 Hill Road North Pickerington, OH… Read more →