As We are Dancing in the Light

Morning, Maggie

2016-Workshop-Day-4-3We awoke this morning to eat a wonderful breakfast with our opera and soon headed over the hill for our sectional rehearsals. We warmed up our voices, sang several songs, and took a couple breaks to stretch our legs and fill our water bottles.

Voice placement is crucial in the Chorale, as we know that singing around different people can create different sounds. We want to create our best ensemble sound, so we tested each voice against the others in our own voice parts for that reason.

Meals come quickly, so lunch seemed to roll around pretty early. We enjoyed another great meal together. It is also important while we are in the dining hall to thank the cooks who work here. They are greatly appreciated!

2016-Workshop-Day-4-2We then walked to our afternoon electives. Today, our emphasis was ”Spirit” Some people learned how to interpret music from the inside out with Mr. Snyder, others drew what they heard with various songs with Darren and Erin, many found their theatrical characters with Jen and Patrick, and still learned about how to stay chorally active after completing school. All were wonderfully taught by our fabulous staff!

Then it was time to split off into our daily part rehearsals where we were able to work through some of the tougher songs. After going through all the scheduled songs, Haley told the sopranos her famous “first date story.” As one of the section’s favorite stories, it was very hard not to laugh through the entirety of it.

2016-Workshop-Day-4-5Afternoon, Jordan

Coming together as a full ensemble again, the Chorale got to hear the progress Jared and Logan have made on their solos, “Ol’ Man River,” and “Anthem,” respectively. We also continued to work with Patrick on “A Wonderful Day Like Today,” from the oddly-titled musical “The Roar of the Greasepaint – the Smell of the Crowd.” At the very last minute, with no warning, Maggie was asked to sing a solo for “I’m Goin’ Up a Yonder,” and did a beautiful job.

2016-Workshop-Day-4-4At dinner, everyone got to sit with the staff member of their choosing and silly hijinks ensued.  Peter’s table was delivered a clear latex glove full of water. Then, staff members were serenaded by Opus 3, singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” completely acapella, which got a well-deserved round of applause from the whole dining hall.

2016-Workshop-Day-4-7Next was our “surprise” evening activity. The basses aren’t sure whether or not Mr. Snyder realizes that he accidentally slipped out the word “dance” during rehearsal. We definitely picked up on it. More specifically, it was line dancing night! We square danced, circle danced, and laughed a lot. The dance leader played songs ranging from the “Electric Slide,” to a circle dance titled “White Silver Sands.” Every single singer and staff member thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing dances together, even if it was a bit haphazard at times.

In our Chorale friendship circle tonight, much was expressed about how well today went.


Today, we made progress on every single piece.

Today, everyone was awake, active, and determined to do well than any other day.

Today, we joined Ann in dancing the Electric Slide and laughed a lot.

If every day was like today, imagine the limits the Cardinal Chorale could break.

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