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2017 Chorale Reunion

The weekend we had been waiting for since December had finally come. As the members of the Chorale filed into the Coshocton Presbyterian Church for our day-long rehearsal, we greeted various friends and staff members we hadn’t seen in a while. We were all excited to get this weekend together started so that we could have a short break from… Read more →

Every Time We Say Goodbye

Waking up this morning was hard, as this was the most bittersweet day of camp.  We ate our breakfast with our opera for the last time this week, receiving our final opus challenges.  One opus decided to continue a running practical joke that Mr. Snyder shares with another Coshocton musician which involves sneaking baby carrots into various places where the other… Read more →

A Crescendo To The End

Morning, Jordan Today was the Cardinal Chorale’s last full day together. It began with the usual breakfast with our opera. One of today’s silly challenges, assigned to every opus, was for each member to set a picture of our associate conductor Beth Vaughn as the lock screen on his or her phone. You can imagine her surprise later in the… Read more →

All The Things We Are

Waking up at 7 am is not the easiest for most of us, but the energy and fun the staff put into waking us up helps put everyone in a better mood. This morning, the Cardinal Chorale had the fifth day of Workshop to conquer. The fresh fruit and pancakes for breakfast most certainly helped. Members of Opus 4 were… Read more →

As We are Dancing in the Light

Morning, Maggie We awoke this morning to eat a wonderful breakfast with our opera and soon headed over the hill for our sectional rehearsals. We warmed up our voices, sang several songs, and took a couple breaks to stretch our legs and fill our water bottles. Voice placement is crucial in the Chorale, as we know that singing around different people… Read more →

What A Wonderful Day Like Today!

Morning, Jordan This morning, day three of the Workshop, the whole Chorale woke from our slumber at 7 am. Every morning, some singers go for a short run around campus. Exercise has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, and tiredness, which can improve our body, mind, spirit, and voice. Justin and Josh particularly seem to love staying active. Getting our… Read more →

Now is the time to Seize the Day!

After we awoke this morning at 7am, we prepared for the day with a delicious breakfast in the dining hall. Sitting with our opera (our small ensembles of friends and staff members), we went through the “A, B, C, D” procedure for the first time this week: Attendance, Business, Challenge, and Dismissal. With music, water bottles, and pencils in hand,… Read more →

There’s Music in the Air

A month since we concluded our tour, the Cardinal Chorale met again at Muskingum University for our Workshop. The goal this time: to expand our musical repertoire and continue building friendships. Members new and old converged at noon to settle into their home for the week. Many smiles and hugs were exchanged between returning members and the new recruits they… Read more →