As We Are Walking In the Light

On a wonderful morning like this, when the sun was as big as a yellow balloon, singers awoke for another full day of music-making and friendship. Before rehearsal, a lot of Cardinal Chorale members could have been spotted at Tim Horton’s, ingesting the delightful smell and taste of freshly baked donuts and cappuccinos. We gathered back at the church, robed in our summer uniform.

After practicing some of the pieces of music we hadn’t yesterday (it is hard for a choir to get to every piece in one day when they have a repertoire of over 60 songs), each person was assigned a “job” for tour. When traveling and using various churches for our concerts,

it is imperative that we leave each facility cleaner than when we found it. Therefore, some Chorale members were assigned to inspect our dressing rooms or clean tables after meals. Of course, the importance of thanking the kind volunteers who make us dinner, organize our homestays, and allow us to sing at their church deserve a HUGE “thank you!” Michael does a great job of very enthusiastically thanking them!

After a GLORIOUS meal of tacos, provided by the WONDERFUL Mr. and Mrs. Jobes, the Chorale gathered in the first official Chorale Circle of the 2017 Summer Tour. We expressed our thoughts, concerns, nerves, and wildest dreams of this tour. Morgan hopes that

members make connections with each other, and with people in our concert audiences and homestays. Quinn wants to make someone’s day, week, month, or whole life brighter. Some of our substitute singers on tour are concerned about having to memorize so many songs that are completely new to them, but everyone believes in them!

Now, for the first time, we were boarding the coach for our very first concert stop— two streets over from the church! The Chorale assembled in Windsorwood Place, a care center environment, to sing a mini-concert for its very enthusiastic residents. Our audience was excited to applaud after such pieces as “Amazing Grace,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and “America, the Beautiful.” The women especially enjoyed some of our tenors, baritones, and basses serenading them with the classic “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” After a round of comments and appreciation from the wonderful citizens of Windsorwood, the Cardinal Chorale embarked to their first evening concert location—Zanesville!

This time, after rehearsing more for our concert, the Chorale enjoyed some great pasta provided by volunteers from Coburn United Methodist Church.

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta!!!

Our first evening concert went off without a hitch! We walked into the sanctuary for an excited audience, and singers were happy to be performing a concert together again. According to Meredith, “the Chorale really locked in during this concert. It was one of the best ‘first concerts’ I’ve ever heard.”


Afterward, we mingled with the audience, then met our host families for a night of fun… and for some of us, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, which was recently featured on the Food Network. Over half the Chorale was taken to Tom’s by their host family, and we were not shy to sing “Heart and Soul” for the other customers and the employees!


Featured Singer of the Day: Tyreece Harris, Tenor I

Marion County, Ohio

First year member

Favorite Chorale Song: All the Things You Are (Arr. Roy Ringwald)

Favorite Part of Today: Going to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl and singing Heart and Soul

Impact the Chorale has Had: “The Chorale has showed me the real meaning of music and taught me to spread love and feel music in a different way.”

Future Plans: Tyreece will be attending New York University and was admitted into the Tisch School of the Arts to study Musical Theatre.