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Leaving Each Other Is Hard To Do

This morning members woke up with bittersweet hearts, knowing that that was our last home stay, eager to sleep in our own beds, but sad that tour is slowly coming to an end. In Chorale Circle this morning, we talked about the wonderful concert we had last night and our hopes for our last day together. From there we boarded… Read more →

I Know It’s Today

The Cardinal Chorale awoke this morning to a bright sunshine, chirping birds, the beauty of the lilies, and the first official day of Summer! A group of ladies gathered around a lake and watched the sunrise over the water. Jordan and Michael’s host parents took them to a lovely Bolivar diner for a full breakfast. Before departing from our lovely… Read more →

Plenty Good Room on the Glory Train

This morning Chorale members met at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Marion. A few volunteers had a wonderful spread of snacks and breakfast foods for us. After stocking up on pretzels, brownies, and fruits, we lined up in somewhat of a concert formation. The adorable children from the church’s daycare walked in together and we sang for them. After some impromptu… Read more →

On Our Way to OCDA

Today began with an early rehearsal for today’s big event: our performance for the opening concert of the Ohio Choral Directors Association (OCDA) summer conference! Everyone was exhausted from our fun at home stays, but we fought through it because of our determination to impress all the high school and collegiate choir directors for which we would soon be singing. Before,… Read more →

This Is My Father’s Day

This morning we all woke up bright and early. After breakfast with our host families (or in some cases, a bag of food to go), we met at the church. During our morning Chorale Circle, we took turns reflecting on last night’s concert and talking about all the highs and lows of the day before. With refreshed minds, we boarded… Read more →

As We Are Walking In the Light

On a wonderful morning like this, when the sun was as big as a yellow balloon, singers awoke for another full day of music-making and friendship. Before rehearsal, a lot of Cardinal Chorale members could have been spotted at Tim Horton’s, ingesting the delightful smell and taste of freshly baked donuts and cappuccinos. We gathered back at the church, robed… Read more →

I Hear Music

This morning marked the beginning of the annual Summer Tour as members of the Cardinal Chorale assembled in Coshocton. For many, this rehearsal day was not only a good chance to review the more than 60 songs the ensemble will perform during the next six days on the road, but also an opportunity to refresh and renew friendships with fellow… Read more →

Summer Tour 2017

Members of the 22nd Edition of the Cardinal Chorale will meet in Coshocton on Friday, June 16 to rehearse and prepare for their six-day concert tour of Ohio. The following morning, they will begin a 500-mile circuit to share their music in evening concerts in Zanesville, Lewis Center, Westerville, Marion, Bolivar, Pickerington, and Coshocton. The Chorale will present 60 choral… Read more →