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Light Your World – Day Five

It was sad to wake up the last day and begin packing, knowing that all too soon we would depart. After some quick packing we headed to breakfast for the last time. After eating, we grabbed our music and made our way to rehearsal. Most of our work was spent polishing the pieces we were going to perform that night.… Read more →

Light Your World – Day Four

Waking up was a task that we knew could easily be accomplished with the knowledge of a great breakfast and a day full of music ahead of us. After another incredible meal, we once again moved to rehearsal. The men and women were in separate rooms for the first rehearsal. Both rehearsals produced astonishing results as the pieces came together wonderfully. Then, a few… Read more →

Light Your World – Day Three

With an extra hour of sleep, our day began bright and cheery!  We all got out of bed easily to begin our day. We headed to breakfast and shared the dining room with a football camp that was training on campus. After breakfast, we grabbed our music and made our way to the music hall for rehearsal. We split into mens and womens… Read more →

Light Your World – Day Two

We were easily awakened on the second day and, though some of us were tired, we were all excited for a day full of singing. We got ready for the day and headed for breakfast in Patton Hall. After a wonderful breakfast, we began our first full day of rehearsals. We gathered in women’s and men’s sectionals and ran through some… Read more →

Light Your World – Day One

Singers came pouring in from all over the state, ready for music and adventure on the campus of Muskingum University.  The lobby was buzzing with excitement as we all arrived, anticipating a week of fun.  Some of us had shared time together a month ago on the Cardinal Chorale’s summer tour; others of us haven’t seen each other since the Encore! Honors Choir… Read more →