Light Your World – Day Two

DSC_0008We were easily awakened on the second day and, though some of us were tired, we were all excited for a day full of singing. We got ready for the day and headed for breakfast in Patton Hall. After a wonderful breakfast, we began our first full day of rehearsals. We gathered in women’s and men’s sectionals and ran through some pieces to get a feel for the new songs. We practiced until lunch and then, after we finished eating, we moved to part rehearsals. Part rehearsals consist of each voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), separating to practice with members of the music staff to work out details and challenging portions of the music. The basses were particularly excited for ‘Rock-a Ma Soul’, which is a wonderful gospel piece with a plentiful supply of low notes (a bass singer’s dream!). Part rehearsals help to solidify our parts and prepare us for full rehearsals.


After a lot of hard work in part rehearsals, we headed out to have our last meal of the day. Yet again, a marvelous meal was provided to us by the Muskingum University cooking staff; they didn’t even skip a beat as both a football camp and the Cardinal Chorale descended! The Chorale left in groups of friends to get ready for our next rehearsal. New members of Cardinal Chorale, changed into their blue t-shirts and went to rehearsal in Walter Hall while the 2015 summer tour Chorale members gathered  to warm-up for their concert in Brown Chapel.  The concert was the conclusion of our earlier tour around the state. We changed into our uniforms, met with the members who were not at the Muskingum workshop, and rehearsed what we felt needed to be touched up. Despite the humidity and heat, we performed a show that, yet again, was one for the books! Not only did we perform for an enthusiastic audience of parents, Chorale alums, and supporters, we also got to perform for the new members who have just begun their journey with the Cardinal Chorale. It was our duty to convince them that they made the right decision to come here and that the hard work they are currently doing really pays off! Judging by the looks on their smiling faces and their wonderful comments, I believe we made that positive impact, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.


It was a concert that I’m sure we will never forget and, for some, it was the last time to perform as a current member of the Cardinal Chorale. Thank you to those members whose time with us has come to a close.  You have helped make things possible for this twenty-first edition of the Chorale and you will be with us forever in our hearts.  The torch has been officially passed to the new Cardinal Chorale, and I am  very excited how our new members will add to the legacy of the ensemble and impact of our generation!




New members of the Chorale watch the concert in Brown Chapel.


The 2015 tour Chorale performs a piece for the audience.


Future Buckeye Jacob Panteloukas serenades Mr. Snyder’s sister, Cherie, during ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’.


Hannah Butler and Darren Wallace sing together during ‘Side By Side’.


Staff member Peter Hampton oversees an opus trying to untangle themselves from their ‘human knot’.


The Chorale gathers together for our nightly Chorale Circle, a time to share and reflect on the day together.