Friday, June 10, 2022

What a joy to be reunited for more music making! Even after being apart for four or five months,
everyone sounded amazing together–almost like there hadn’t been any time away at all. Mr. Snyder
did a great job breaking the Coshocton rehearsal day into manageable chunks, some blocks with the
full ensemble, and some with our soprano-alto and tenor-bass sections. In between, we took a few
breaks to see some of what was happening in the few blocks around The Presbyterian Church,
including seeing two of our members perform on the Courtsquare Lawn with the Coshocton Big Band!
Our meals today were lovingly prepared by Chorale staff and friends, giving us the fuel we needed to
stay focused on making our music better and better. After running through about half our concert set
on the risers, we headed home with our host families for a night of welcome rest.