Saturday, June 11, 2022

After breakfast with our host families, we returned to The Presbyterian Church for a chance to
continue our preparation, taking the time to also talk about the expectations of the tour. Many
members were taking their very first trip with the Cardinal Chorale, so it was good to hear a bit
about what was to come! Following a delicious lunch of chili mac ‘n cheese, everyone worked
together to clean up the church and pack our coach from Bliss Charters. Our driver, Scott, was a hit
from the get-go, and did well negotiating some of the hilly detours on the Coshocton County roads.

When we arrived at Prospect Street United Methodist Church in Marion, we were greeted with a
beautiful sanctuary and great acoustics. We practiced our first recessional as a group, and worked
out how the opening processional would work in this space. Our evening meal was a delicious potluck
featuring shredded beef and chicken, and then it was time to dress for our first concert! We entered
our Chorale Circle for a time of reflection before walking upstairs, and then to the risers to sing for a
very enthusiastic and empathetic audience. The Chorale presented Medals of Distinction to Julie
Kubbs and Caroline Heading. Everyone in the audience we talked with after the concert was amazed
by our performance – it felt like a great opening to our tour, and we were ready for a good night’s
sleep with Marion’s host families.