In the Wee Small Hours We Have Left

Thursday and Friday are over? Is this possible?? Only 8 hours of Chorale left???

To say this has been a great week is a very, very short summary of the time we’ve had together. The last several days have been filled from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and we could not be more grateful for the experiences we’ve been given.

By now we’re sure everyone knows we have the absolute best start to our days with the best breakfast after our morning mindset or sleeping in. The dining hall staff truly spoils us for all three of our meals, and of course dessert (YUM). We sat aside time during our lunch on Friday to give many of the people behind the scenes Medals Of Distinction for being so welcoming to us. These awards are given to members of our communities who have impacted the Chorale in their own special ways.

After lunch we help the traditional (*cue Olympics music*) Opus Olympics! Certainly a yearly favorite activity for the Chorale. Each opus group competes against each other in a series of games in order to win bragging rights, as well as the coveted golden flamingo statue. Our olympics this year consisted of five different games:

  1. A five person relay of sweeping a feather across the grass with a broom
  2. Guessing the English translation of our song list in a variety of different languages in under five minutes
  3. Nonverbally building a tower out of plastic cups using only one finger per person
  4. Pairing likes and dislikes with the respected staff member
  5. Our own version on Encore- being given a word or category and having to sing eight words of a song that fits

And the winner of the 2021 Opus Olympics is…*cue drumroll* Opus 2!

Once the olympics concluded, we rehearsed, had a surprise nap time, then came together again for dinner and more rehearsal. We took a pause from singing for some group pictures. Starting with the group photo, then section photos, then opus photos. Shoutout to our absolutely awesome chorale photographer, Maggie Myers!!

Our day together ended with one big Chorale circe under the tent. This time, everyone took their turn in giving a short recap on how they were impacted during the week and expressed their emotions on being here. This is always a very wholesome and emotional time for the Chorale. We unite and become so genuine and vulnerable with each other, and it is truly amazing.

Having the opportunity to be here with one another is truly one in a million. It has been such a fabulous time getting to know each other as musicians and as a people. Unwrapping everyone’s personal gift this week has been so wonderful, and although it is almost time to say goodbye, it’s not forever!