On That Night of a Thousand Stars

As we are only two weeks away from seeing each other again, we wanted to reminsce on our Post Christmas Concert. 🙂

Chorale singers from all over Ohio were brought together bright and early Dec. 28, eager to make music again. We started the morning jumping right back into our music. For some singers this was easy to do seeing that they have been singing at their home schools, but for other singers this was the first time they had sang since the workshop concert in July. After a few runs of our repertoire and some cleaning up, the Chorale sound was just like it was before.

The Chorale got to enjoy pizza and salad together and chat with fellow members about how they’ve been since the last concert. Of course we had cookies for dessert as it wouldn’t be a Chorale event without a sweet treat. 😉

After another full group rehearsal, we leapt into a quick part rehearsal before dinner to really work on individual sound.. With our tummies rumbling we headed to dinner with our Opus groups, and it was like a little family reunion. On the tables sat a puzzle with questions on the back of each piece for the groups to answer. Questions such as “left or right Twix” or “give a 15 second life update.” It was so fun to hear the answers to the silly questions and also hear some amazing things our opus members have been up to. Our dinner consisted of a build your own taco bar and cookies which the Chorale quickly ate to fuel up for the concert.

We then got dressed in our uniforms and got ready for the concert. Before the concert we had everyone’s favorite time our chorale circle. Where we went around and discussed our favorite songs and some gratitude for being able to come together and sing and spread a bit more holiday cheer. Our concert was a success. The audience was amazing, and our energy was off the charts.

Again, our next concert is two week away! Our reunion concert is a two-day event. The first day we get together and rehearse our music and the next day is full of a little more rehearsing, a mini concert in the morning for the church, and then our last concert until tour. We are so excited to be able to make music for so many supporters and to grow our talents with so many amazing singers.