There Was a Homecomin’

On Saturday morning, both the 24th and 25th editions of the Cardinal Chorale got to meet again for rehersals in Walter Hall. Typically after workshop, the Chorale does not meet again until our post Christmas concert, however, this is a big year for the Chorale. Not only did the 24th and 25th editions get to meet up once more, but members of the past 25 chorales as a whole got to come together from 17 different states, the United Kingdom, and Canada to make music together.

After the two Chorales rehearsed, the fun began. All past and current Chorale members went to registration for the big anniversary event. Their were lots of of things to hand out, music to hole punch, and people to hug. At 2’oclock, all the members of the chorales intermingled in the chairs set up in the John Glenn Gym to make the biggest chorale to date. After a group rehearsal the chorale split into a quick part sectional before gathering for one last rehearsal before the anniversary banquet.

It wasn’t long before we were all together again for morning worship in Brown Chapel. The chorale got to sing past songs, Shout to God, Be Not Afraid, Lean on Me, and Go Light Your world. The chorale also got the honor of listening to the wonderful Mark Wagner play a just as lovely organ processinal and recesional. After worship, the chorale made a quick setting change to the Anne Steele Center for a last minute rehearsal before the big anniversary concert which was performed at 2pm. The 25th chorale opened the concert with 12 of their 41 songs, followed by the 24th chorale who sanf 12 of their 61 songs, and closed by a 24 song concert of songs sang in the last 25 years of the chorale. A sound of no other was made in the Anne Steele center. Not only was wonderful music made, but spirits were liften, new connections we made, and many hugs we distrubuted.