Homeward Bound

It is sad to say, but today was the last day of this year’s Cardinal Chorale Workshop. However, that fact did not change the buoyant manner of our singers. We had our final breakfasts with our opera, which meant the final opus cheers, and final opus challenges. This bright and good morning was just what we needed before starting the day off with a full rehearsal.

With the Premiere Concert of the 25th Chorale just 8 hours after breakfast, the steadfast singers got to work straight away. Though everyone was tired, we were all able to apply Mr. Snyder’s “As If” principle, and the group put the last finishing touches on the music. As usual, the premiere concert is performed with the singers holding music, since they have only been singing it for a week, while a small portion of the concert is memorized. This year, with all the Chorale’s hard work, we were able to learn all the songs as well as the list of memorized pieces. Needless to say we had a very productive morning rehearsal. During this time we also learned the winners of Opus Olympics. Congratulations on your victory, Opus 1!

The singers of opus 1 – the victors of the 2019 Opus Olympics!

After rehearsal the Chorale was able to enjoy one last meal in the dining hall with their friends. As we finished our lunch, the group gathered to provide a musical goodbye to our dining hall friends who so graciously spent their time and efforts to make sure we were all fed. The Chorale sang Paul J. Christiansen’s “This Is My Father’s World,” a Chorale and fan favorite. This goes to show that no person is left unnoticed in their contributions to the work of the Cardinal Chorale.

After lunch, we had another short rehearsal in Caldwell Hall. Everyone was shaking with excitement as the concert drew near. After about an hour of practicing the technical parts of the concert, we gathered for our final Chorale Circle of the week. We shared our thoughts on the week and reveled in the new friendships that had been made. While this may have seemed like a “good-bye,” many people pointed out that this indeed is no ending, but just a beginning to the beautiful work we will do together in the upcoming year.

Finally, the concert! Mr. Snyder and Mrs. Vaughn were beyond proud to present this version of the Chorale to the public. Everybody sang their hearts out and pulled together the energy to put on a truly phenomenal concert. The entire auditorium was filled with not only a beautiful sound, but an immensely positive energy. We could not have asked for a better audience!

“Oh, I’m heading home,

To the places and the people that I know.

Somewhere that I can be fully free,

No front and no facade,

Where I can just be me.”

from “There’s Gonna Be a Homecomin’” by Kyle Pederson

This week was filled with so many great things. For one: fantastic music, but more importantly, unconditional love and friendship. The Workshop is important in not only the music making, but it is vital for the love to be nurtured and bring everyone closer together. The Cardinal Chorale is far more than just a choir. It is a family. One that everyone in affiliation can rely on and call their own. We are excited to continue to share the gift that the Chorale gives to everyone we encounter throughout the year, now with the brand-new 25th edition of the Cardinal Chorale!

The 25th edition of the Cardinal Chorale, singing the Song of Farewell at the closing of their premiere concert.