There’s Music in the Air

A month since we concluded our tour, the Cardinal Chorale met again at Muskingum University for our Workshop. The goal this time: to expand our musical repertoire and continue building friendships.


Shawn checking in for the workshop, and receiving his music packet.

Members new and old converged at noon to settle into their home for the week. Many smiles and hugs were exchanged between returning members and the new recruits they just met. Everyone was thrilled to meet their roommate for the week, including Tait and Jared, who immediately became good friends.


Dean and Spencer catching up since they last saw each other on tour.

Parents and singers then gathered in Walter Hall, Muskingum’s new state-of-the-art music facility, to have our first rehearsal. We were faced with the challenges for the week ahead, as some songs, such as Paul Revere’s Ride, seemed like giant tongue twisters, and others were completely new to everyone in the Chorale.  Throughout the day, we continued to meet each other and make new friends.

We gathered in the dining hall for our first meal together as the new Chorale. We sat with old and new friends alike as we gobbled down our dinner, discussing various topics such as Veggie Tales and animals that are shaped like food.

Those of us who were on tour this past June then changed into our evening concert uniforms and headed to Caldwell Hall to rehearse anything that needed touching up. Other members who were also on tour, but are not here at the workshop with us, also arrived and practiced with us. During this time, the new Chorale members rehearsed “This is My Father’s World” so they would be prepared to join us on stage for the evening concert.

2016-Workshop-Day-1-6The tour Chorale had a quick circle session before lining up for our last concert together.

Many family members of the Chorale also arrived to support the 21st Cardinal Chorale’s “last hurrah.” The concert went beautifully, and the newbies loved it! Tyreece especially enjoyed our performance
and is extremely excited to join the Chorale as a new member. So much so, that he gave everyone who performed tonight huge hugs.

After socializing with those we hadn’t seen in a month and whom we will not see for the rest of the week, we split off into our first opus huddles. We ate snacks, played games, and learned about one another during our brief meeting.

2016-Workshop-Day-1-3Finally, we gathered in our first Chorale circle with the new members and discussed our favorite parts from the concert tonight as well as hopes and/or fears for the coming week together.

We then climbed down and up the hills to return to our dorms and get settled in for the night. I can safely say we are all very excited for tomorrow to come!

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