This Is My Father’s Day

2016.06.19-cctour2016-01The Chorale woke up in the morning at their host family’s homes, ate breakfast, and headed back to the church to gather for a morning meeting to share touching moments from the previous night’s concert. Almost everyone had a story to tell, and all of them were heart warming…until one Chorale member injured herself while being too emphatic about her story. (She is fine though)

After a lovely speech from Rick the bus driver about the importance of the Chorale and what it means to be “cardinal,”  everyone packed their stuff into the coach and headed off to Dublin, OH. There, the group participated in morning worship at Amlin United Methodist Church where Steve Putka shared a fantastic message involving the Apostle Paul and the Blues Brothers movie.


After the service, the Chorale awarded Pastor Steve with the Chorale’s Distinguished Service Award.

Following a few more songs from the Chorale, and an inspirational children’s moment about team work, the group helped move chairs and table to set up the room for lunch. A wonderful potluck was set up by the church and it was delicious!
After lunch, the Chorale did some shameless recruiting, loaded themselves back onto the coach, and headed to Coburn United Methodist Church in Zanesville, OH.

After arriving at Coburn, we prepared for the upcoming concert.  We spent some valuable time polishing some of our new songs debuting that night, including Shrek the Musical’s “I Know it’s Today,” “Lift Up Your Eyes,” and “Be the One.”  Then, we had some free time.  Some of us looked over more music, and others took a much needed nap.

2016.06.19-cctour2016-04After our free time, we and ate a fantastic dinner consisting of wonderful pasta and rolls. By the time the concert rolled around, the Chorale was refreshed and ready to give a phenomenal performance!

The concert was exciting, with Len Thomas in our audience. Len composed five of the songs we sang, and looked pleased at our rendition of them. We also spied a few audience members who looked like potential recruits, and were sure to talk them up after the concert.
The Chorale members greeted their host families, and were excited to spend the night with them. Dean and Michael got to stay at a beautiful home with a pleasant view of the sun reflecting off the water in the morning.
Thank you to Chorale member Darren Wallace for organizing a great visit to Zanesville!