Tour Day 5: Beautiful Mush

Written by: Elle Mitsch

Our morning yesterday started off with an amazing breakfast hosted by the Lutheran Church, Chorale members and hosts had the option to go the breakfast or enjoy breakfast at their home stays. The breakfast provided was a beautiful array of fruits as well as breakfast burritos. 

We then embarked for our next stop for the day: St. Mary Catholic Church in German Village. We got to do a professional recording of a few songs that will be on our YouTube soon.

On our way to St. Mary Catholic Church, Ann Lepla played her own version of 20 questions / guess the celebrity with us on the bus to help time pass. Drew Thomas guessed TWO of the three the three people after a few questions: Dolly Parton and LeBron James. Lilly Wells guessed our last challenge: Meryl Streep (who someone called Cheryl Meep).

Once we made it to the church, we unloaded the bus and made our way inside. On top of being very eye catching when you first walk in, this church is special because of the reverb that it has. It was the perfect place to carry our sound well for high quality recordings.

The singers had to work very hard on pronouncing every word and making it sound crisp, and to make sure we were making beautiful articulation, not just “beautiful mush.” We recorded a few of our songs, ate an amazing lunch provided by a long time chorale friend Tom Kulewicz, and then got some time to explore German Village for a while. As we explored German village our very own chorale member Brody registered to vote!

After a couple of hours of free time, we got back on the bus and headed to Powell to sing our second-to-last concert. Once we got to Powell UMC we rehearsed and then got some time to nap and chill before welcoming our violinist. Then we were off to dinner which was hotdogs and chips, a true summer staple!!

Tonight was a very special night because at tonight’s concert we gave out two medals of distinction. We handed them out to Lori Gibson and Justin Williams; two long time supporters of the Chorale. We also got to sing Fathers World with Rick which was a very special moment. After the concert it was time to rest up for our last stop Coshocton!

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