A Wonderful Day Like Yesterday

For returning Chorale members, this is the most wonderful week of the year. For others,
this is their first time experiencing the Chorale workshop.

This year, the Chorale is welcoming 10 new members to the 27th edition. All the singers arrived on Saturday afternoon and had a wonderful time getting to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. They even sang their first mini concert yesterday morning at the United Methodist Church in New Concord!

We’ve had some pretty rainy days since we’ve been here, but the Chorale spirit is as bright as ever. We dove right into learning our new repertoire and writing quotes on our music to smile at later, and of course, lots of hugs.

“On a wonderful day like today

I defy any cloud to appear in the sky

Dare any raindrop to plop in my eye

On a wonderful day like today”

The final “see you later” for the 26th edition of the Cardinal Chorale occurred last night as they performed the encore concert at Muskingum University. They last saw
each other a month ago when they concluded their tour around Ohio.

Mr. Snyder as the 26th Chorale sings him Happy Birthday

The previous Chorale singing for the new Chorale is a tradition that happens each year that represents the “passing of the torch” to the next edition of the Chorale.
There is something so special about holding hands with the past edition of the Chorale and the newest edition of the Chorale as you talk about the future of the choir. Not to mention the wonderful sound we made with one another in the lobby of Caldwell Hall as we said goodbye.

We are entering day three already, which means we have before we know it, we will be singing our first full concert together. You can follow us throughout our week right here on the blog!