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This Little Light of Ours

It’s the 27th Chorale Concert Eve! After seven days of music making, tomorrow is our first premiere as the new Chorale, and we’re so excited to share our light with you. Today was one of those more emotional days as it is our last full day together. We had breakfast with our opus groups as usual and played a little… Read more →

The Nearness of Us

The Cardinal Chorale always knows how to bring the talent and joyful spirit out of everyone and that is what today was truly about. The day started with a yet another great breakfast by the chef team and some nice conversation with our opus groups as we are nearing the end of getting the chance to do that. Everyone started… Read more →

Soon We Will Be Done

We are officially at the halfway point of the Cardinal Chorale workshop experience! *cue sad music* But breakfast this morning made up for it a little bit, as it was delicious as always – especially that sausage, gravy and egg breakfast pizza. Each section made lots of headway during our sectional rehearsals today, and we also took some time to… Read more →

Singing Side By Side

The Cardinal Chorale has had an amazing week so far and our music is really starting to come alive and we all felt it during our rehearsals today. The day started with an amazing breakfast consisting of amazing foods such as potatoes, eggs and our all time favorite chocolate chip pancakes. The Chorale had the chance to sit with their… Read more →

As You Wish

Another rainy day, but nothing dampens the Chorale’s bright spirit. This morning we met with our respected opus groups for breakfast, which was a lovely selection of pancakes, ham, eggs, and freshly cut strawberries. After breakfast, singers got personally shuttled by the Chorale staff to Walter Hall for our first rehearsal. We had some sectional time, a full group rehearsal,… Read more →

A Wonderful Day Like Yesterday

For returning Chorale members, this is the most wonderful week of the year. For others,this is their first time experiencing the Chorale workshop. This year, the Chorale is welcoming 10 new members to the 27th edition. All the singers arrived on Saturday afternoon and had a wonderful time getting to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. They even… Read more →