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A Chorale Christmas

Yesterday morning, the 25th edition of the Cardinal Chorale gathered at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Pickerington, Ohio for the annual Post-Christmas Concert. This was the first time many of the Chorale members have seen each other since the big Anniversary Weekend in early October, so of course the room was filled with sporadic hugs and smiles before we got to… Read more →

Homeward Bound

It is sad to say, but today was the last day of this year’s Cardinal Chorale Workshop. However, that fact did not change the buoyant manner of our singers. We had our final breakfasts with our opera, which meant the final opus cheers, and final opus challenges. This bright and good morning was just what we needed before starting the… Read more →

The Circle Is Forever Unbroken

The seventh day at the Chorale Workshop was another successful day of singing and making memories. In the morning, we went to the final day of morning mindsets before having another delicious breakfast together. Our usual sectional rehearsals went well as we worked on polishing the songs for our upcoming concert. For lunch, everyone was very excited to have a… Read more →

The Chorale’s Christmas in July

All of that dancing and good use of energy last night made it easy to get a good night’s rest. The Chorale woke up this morning with ePostCards in their mailboxes as their “Christmas” presents. We met our operas in Patton Hall, enjoyed breakfast, and then headed over the hill to Walter Hall to go about our typical routine. Today… Read more →

Another Day, Another Song

Once again our singers started the day in the best way possible, French toast sticks for breakfast! There were definitely no complaints across the dining hall this morning. The Chorale filled up on the delicacy while spending quality time with their opera before heading for the first rehearsal of the day. However, before the singers are dismissed for rehearsal, they… Read more →

Together Wherever We Go

Today is the halfway point of the Workshop, everyone! We started our mornings bright and early yet again today, replenishing our energy levels with a delicious breakfast. Singers were especially excited to have chocolate chip pancakes! Many staff members also gave their opus members challenges to complete throughout the day. One of the challenges of the day was to hug… Read more →

Not Unclouded Day

Whether they wanted to wake up their mind with Beth and yoga, wake up their bodies with Josh and running, wake up their spirits with Mr. Snyder and devotions, or not wake up until they absolutely had to, the members of the Chorale started their mornings well. After our choice of one of those “morning mindsets” or sleeping in, we… Read more →

Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye…

This morning, our ambitious singers got an early start with a warm welcome from our friends at the College Drive Presbyterian Church, here in New Concord. We sang two popular songs of the Chorale: This Is My Father’s World and Song of Farewell. After a warm morning of worship, we were grateful to have some ice water for a quick… Read more →

Consider Yourself at Home

Forty singers for the brand new 25th edition of the Cardinal Chorale arrived today as a big bundle of nerves and excitement. There were many joyous reunions between old friends, as well as greetings of welcome for the singers new to the Workshop experience. Once everyone was checked in and moved into their rooms for the week, the new Chorale… Read more →