This Little Light of Ours

It’s the 27th Chorale Concert Eve! After seven days of music making, tomorrow is our first premiere as the new Chorale, and we’re so excited to share our light with you. Today was one of those more emotional days as it is our last full day together. We had breakfast with our opus groups as usual and played a little prank on opus one by singing during their dismissal. All love and games here.The lovely Erin Jobes had a birthday today, so we sang to her during breakfast, too!

We had our sectionals as usual this morning and then lunch as usual, but instead of going back to rehearsal, we had the annual…OPUS OLYMPICS! There was lots of intensity and teamwork for the next hour of our day, and we will find out tomorrow who won the beloved golden flamingo. Our challenges were quite unique this year, and required lots of diligence and dedication and trust of one another.

At the conclusion of the Opus Olympics we returned to our regular scheduled programming and headed to Caldwell Hall for our first group rehearsal of the day. We spent time memorizing and getting used to the concert order and then… a surprise nap-time!

We returned back to Caldwell for another group rehearsal after nap-time and dinner where we ran through the second half of the concert and worked through the behind the scenes work, like processing up to the risers and deciding where our folders go and all those little details that add to our unification.

Then came the final Chorale circle. The one where we all hold hands and hear one another out and share laughs and tears and hugs. Being able to be so vulnerable with one another is one of the most valuable lights of the Chorale. John Bordenkircher came to the rescue with his tissues, and of course we comforted each other with hugs and words of encouragement.

Lots of long hugs were shared after the circle, and then that concluded our day. We have just a few hours left with one another before we perform together for the first time, and we’re all so excited to do so!

Our concert is Saturday, July 23rd at 2pm in Caldwell Hall at Muskingum University.