Tour Day 2: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Written by: Elle Mitsch

The Chorale woke up bright and early in Bowling Green yesterday to make our way to First Lutheran Church in Findlay. This is the home church of our coach driver, Rick!

We joined the congregation in their service and sang an array of wonderful songs ranging from “Shout to God” to “Song of Farewell.” After the wonderful service we joined the congregation for lunch where we had a crowd favorite… Olive Garden! We were invited to make new friends with the members of the church. Although intimidating at first, connecting with new people was a lot of fun for the Chorale and helps build our character and push us out of our comfort zones.

After lunch, we were back on the road, but wait…detour to Dietsch Brothers! This is a popular ice cream shop popular in northwest Ohio. We were treated to ice cream from Rick and then sang a quick thank you to the wonderful staff that helped serve the Chorale. We then were back on the coach to head to Marion, our second stop in our concert series.

During our brush-up rehearsal staff member Josh brought a message to the Chorale to take a step back, put our phones away for the night, and really focus on making memories.

“Embrace being uncomfortable.”

-Josh Senn

Without our phones, we can further our connections with our fellow Chorale members and others around us.

After an amazing rehearsal, we headed to the fellowship hall for dinner prepared by the lovely people of Prospect Street UMC. Our dinner was a fantastic pasta bake, garlic bread, and brownies with toppings. It was a great meal to fuel us for our much-anticipated concert.

We sang to a spectacular crowd per usual. We love having Marion as a stop so early in our tour because of the combined support for Prospect Street UMC and Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Many alum were in the crowd at this concert and made it a very special night for many in the Chorale.

We are beyond excited to take on another day of Chorale today as we head to Dayton!

Click here for the remaining stops on our tour! We hope to see you soon. ❤️

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