Tour Day 3: It Takes Two To Reach Out

Written by: Emily Maple

It was another bright and early day for the Chorale on Monday! After going to Marion, we were off to Dayton (we know… usually you go from dating to marrying…it’s complicated) but, we had to make a few stops first!

The Chorale had the opportunity to perform for a very special audience that morning. We were able to sing a few songs from our concert set at Morrow Manor, an assisted living facility in Chesterville. Seeing audience members sing along and smile to our music was so incredibly heartwarming. It was such a lovely time. 🙂

After our adventure, we made another pit stop in Mount Gilead. Thank you to Kim Porter, a friend of long-time Chorale supporter, Luane Campbell, for providing our lunch. We are grateful for the hospitality of The First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Gilead! Everything was very delicious…especially the watermelon, a favorite among the Chorale members.

When we arrived at Grace United Methodist in Dayton, we were greeted by Pastor Steve Putka. His welcoming presence and loving words really resonated among the Chorale and allowed us to have a very productive brush-up rehearsal. We are thankful for his kindness and support for the Chorale.

After rehearsal, we were off to dinner… we are always eating for real! It was a very special meal by “Dayton Cooks!” which is a free 10-week program that trains students age 18 and older for jobs in the food industry. We were treated to a FANTASTIC baked potato bar, with many toppings to choose from. From broccoli to buffalo chicken, sour cream to cheese, we had it all. We were so grateful to be the first big meal for our caterer.

We concluded our day with another successful concert! The acoustics in Grace United Methodist added a beautiful touch to our sound. Thank you again to Pastor Steve for having us. ❤️