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We Dreamed the Impossible Dream

Jordan D. Conner Mr. Snyder always says what we do is impossible. Nobody memorizes and nearly perfects 60 difficult songs to perform on a one-week tour. Rarely do other groups establish such a loving, meaningful bond and support system among each other. But that’s what the 24th edition of the Cardinal Chorale did on this tour. On Tuesday night, one… Read more →

Let There Be Peace

Maggie Myers The Chorale was finally able to have some time to sleep in a little more this morning, which was needed after several early mornings this week. We all reconvened at the church to talk about our favorite parts of the concert the night before and hopes for the day ahead of us. People also shared stories about their… Read more →

Spread the Hope

Madisen Schenk It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun! It’s already day five of tour, and it’s been an amazing time of singing, bonding and being with family. Today, the Chorale took a trip to the Dublin Retirement Village to share the gift of music with its residents. It was one of the most heart-touching moments to… Read more →

One Small Step for Man

Jordan D. Conner On July 10, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon. Forty-nine years, 10 months and 28 days later, the Cardinal Chorale stood in a museum and learned about that day’s impact. Humans have continuously inhabited space and the International Space Station since November 2000. Before that, thousands of minds… Read more →

Keep the Dream Alive!

Maggie Myers Today was a very early morning for the Chorale, but everyone arrived at the church with an eagerness to begin the day of singing together. After gathering together to reflect on the concert and home stays the previous night, we departed the beloved city of Marion. Once in Columbus, the choir sang for two services at Trinity United… Read more →

Off We Go!

Madisen Schenk It’s officially the second day of tour, and the Cardinal Chorale is absolutely ecstatic to begin this adventure! First, the Chorale gathered at 9 a.m. to begin the day together and rehearse even more before embarking on our first journey. The Cardinal Chorale boarded the bus for the first of many times this week. Each day, we sit… Read more →

We’re Gonna Have a Good, Good Time…

Jordan D. Conner The clock strikes 10 a.m., and members of the Cardinal Chorale sit down to begin seven days of making music, forming friendships and helping dreams come true. It’s Friday. By next Thursday night, the Chorale will have sung six evening concerts, two church services, two performances at senior care centers and four impromptu serenades. Along the way,… Read more →